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The future of aviation rests in the hands of today’s students. Recognizing the passion, potential, and promise of young minds, Aerium’s nonprofit proudly introduces its complimentary Student Membership. Tailored specifically for budding aviators, aeronautics enthusiasts, and aerospace engineers, this membership level aims to fuel dreams, foster innovation, and provide a sturdy platform for students to take their aspirations to greater heights.
  1. Educational Resources: Gain access to a curated library of learning materials, webinars, and tutorials designed to enhance understanding and knowledge in the realm of aviation.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow students, industry veterans, and aviation professionals. Engage in discussions, seek mentorship, and exchange ideas.
  3. Exclusive Invites: Receive invites to select Aerium events, workshops, and seminars. A golden opportunity to learn from the best and network with peers.
  4. Aerium E-Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest trends, innovations, and news in the aviation sector through our monthly electronic newsletter.
  5. Opportunities Board: Get exclusive access to job listings, internships, and volunteer opportunities in the aviation industry.
  6. Members-Only Forum: Join a supportive community where you can share your ideas, get feedback, and collaborate on projects or discussions related to aviation.

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